Why Choose Pavers For Your Outdoor Living Space?

As you research the various materials available for your next outdoor project, consider the many benefits of using pavers.

1 – Durability

Pavers are a great material for areas which will get a lot of traffic – whether it’s cars on a driveway or foot traffic on a patio. They can withstand the weight and hold up to the constant use very well. Paver bricks are also the choice for retaining walls since they are so durable. It’s hard to find another material with the same visual appeal that can hold back dirt and erosion when installed properly.

2 – Beauty

The installation of pavers requires a certain touch of craftsmanship as each one is laid by hand.  This care and attention to the process combined with the textures and colors of the pavers gives your outdoor project a touch of class and beauty not found with other materials. A great installer can lay the pavers to achieve a variety of looks – from rustic and charming to modern and clean.

3 – Immediate Use

Pavers are installed over a bed of sand and other filler materials, so there is no waiting time before you can use your new outdoor fireplace or patio. You’ll be able to use your new paver driveway immediately, so you won’t have to park your car in the street any longer than it takes for the crew to install.

4 – Longevity

One of the best benefits of pavers is their long life which means your patio, pool deck or driveway will have a long life. Since pavers are installed on moveable materials, the shifting of the earth beneath the pavers will not impact the look of your outdoor space as much as it would impact concrete. With the big swings of temperatures we get here in Huntsville you don’t need to worry about cracking. And you can forget about fading color! The color is literally baked in to each brick, so the sunlight doesn’t fade the color as much as other outdoor materials.

5 – Versatility

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can create with pavers. With so many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures available, if you are dreaming of an outdoor feature, chances are our expert crews can build it for you with pavers. Maybe it’s an outdoor kitchen or a large fire pit with a curved seating area. Or maybe you’d like several custom benches scattered throughout your flower beds. Dreaming of your own brick oven for pizza parties and homemade bread? Pavers and our professional installers at Decorative Concrete are the best way to make those dreams a reality.


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